Harrison Elementary
Site Manager

With Valentine’s Day this past week and seeing all the students and teachers giving out Valentines, I was inspired to give out some Valentines of my own.

So here is just a little appreciation from all of us at Kids on Course!


Thank you for being so real and honest. You make every day new and exciting! Keep being yourselves and adding a little humor to us boring old adults’ day!

Knock Knock…



Thank you so much for your commitment to our program. We know that Learning Lab, Enrichments, Family Nights, Summer Camps and more can quickly fill up the family calendar. We just want you to know that through it all, your students are making tremendous strides. We are so excited to watch these young children grow into the future leaders of the world, and it all started with you.


The amount of passion you show our students is unrivaled. The lengths you go to provide individual attention to each student is staggering. The Kids on Course staff wants to thank you for carrying the belief that every student can achieve great things, and championing for them to reach their potential.



Thank you for your partnership. Whether we have worked together for 2 weeks or 6 years, we could not do all the things we do without you. You have gotten students engaged in reading through Page Pals. You have saved our team many broken backs by helping distribute hundreds of food bags a week. You have taught students’ new skills that will last a lifetime. None of these things are exceedingly difficult to do, but they have meant the world to us and our students.