Roosevelt Site Manager

Earlier this month marked the conclusion of our middle school Learning Lab program, an effort championed by teachers and students alike who were willing to spend a few extra hours each week after-school to discover new interests.  With topics ranging from designing a blueprint for tiny houses to writing lyrics and composing an original hip hop song, the final projects were perfect examples of how far our students’ imagination and individuality can take them.

I am honored and excited to be a part of the magnet school transformation at Roosevelt Middle School.  There is a unique energy and buzz all around the school regarding next year, and I’ve been impressed to see how invested the staff has been in preparation for the changes to come.  Allowing the students to investigate and research projects that feature real-world context will only expand student engagement.  Building the all-important skills such as critical thinking, time management and collaboration with peers will better prepare our students for a society that is rapidly changing.  I’ve seen it work on a “small scale”, and can’t wait for more students to achieve their potential and become excited about college, their career and their life ahead.

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