What We Do


Do whatever it takes so kids succeed


All kids will be on a path for college graduation


Build relationships with families, students, and schools to provide enrichment, academic, and engagement opportunities so students reach their potential


Connect schools and families to community resources to ensure that students are physically, socially, and emotionally ready to learn.


Provide an avenue through which families can be positively connected to school and the community and engaged in their student’s learning.


Provide academic support and resources to teachers, parents, and students to ensure a clear path to graduating from high school and college.


Collaborate with artists, athletes, and creatives to improve students’ self-efficacy, resilience, academic achievement, and engagement in school.


The five Kids on Course schools have a higher number of students who come from low-income families, compared to other schools in the district and the state. Some of these families face challenges like homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, and hunger. While we at Kids on Course focus most of our efforts on providing academics and enrichments to children, we also assist in breaking down some barriers to success that are poverty-related.

Facing Adversity

Kids on Course partners with community organizations and local non-profits to help students and families facing adversity.


  • Transportation to school activities for kids and parents
  • Weekend food bags are given to students at risk of going hungry on the weekend through a partnership with HACAP and Diamond V
  • School supplies/shoes/winter clothes are provided to students who demonstrate a need


Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. As kids continue through their educational paths, that strong support from parents becomes even more critical.

Building Capacity

Kids on Course helps build a family’s capacity to nurture and advocate academic success for their children.


  • KOC staff builds relationships with families through home visits. We come with no other agenda than to listen to a family’s dreams for their child and how our program can best support them.
  • Our bilingual staff member connects Hispanic families to all that Kids on Course offers, as 1 in 4 students speak Spanish at home at one of our KOC schools.
  • Math and reading nights are held at each school to equip parents with ways they can support their student’s learning at home.


Students who aren’t on grade level in reading by the time they’re in fourth grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. We know learning in the older grades is closely tied to strong reading, comprehension and writing skills. That’s why Kids on Course focuses so much on supporting kids’ academic success.

Academic Success

Kids on Course has many programs that support literacy, math skills, increasing confidence and exposure to higher learning.

  • Learning Lab is a free, high quality after school tutoring program at each of our Kids on Course schools
  • Kids on Course University is a free, high quality learning program for elementary students with a significant reading deficit
  • Scholarcamp is a middle school summer program for students at risk of losing academic skills and becoming disengaged from learning
  • Page Pals pairs a community volunteer with a kindergartner who is behind in literacy skills. Volunteers help students work on alphabet recognition and sight word mastery


Kids learn through playing musical instruments, competing in team sports, and developing new skills like cooking, sculpting and performing on a stage. But those activities also connect kids to their schools in a way that can tether struggling learners to graduation ¬†day. That’s why a hallmark of Kids on Course is free, high quality, before and after school enrichment activities.

Leveling the Playing Field

  • Enrichment classes provide students the opportunity to choose a passion and explore it with an enrichment leader in small classes with a healthy snack and transportation. Classes specifically link to high school extracurricular activities.
  • Students who show potential and commitment to an activity can apply for a scholarship through Kids on Course, to advance their skills¬†through a club, studio, or private lessons they could otherwise not afford.


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