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Grant Elementary Site Manager

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If you walk among the halls of Grant Elementary on a Friday, you may hear a buzz about something called SPARC. To an outsider, you may find yourself wondering, “What exactly is SPARC?” Well, SPARC is a program Grant implemented this school year. SPARC stands for “spreading passion and recognizing creativity”. SPARC is designed to give students a creative outlet on Friday afternoons and has the added bonus of helping to build relationships among teachers and students. It is a time on Friday afternoon where teachers take small groups of students and teach them something they are passionate about. There have been groups ranging from flag football to scrapbooking to Zumba. Grant even brings in outside resources to lead groups. We’ve had representatives from different military branches come in to work with students and Food Corps members come in to lead cooking classes. SPARC is a great time for students and teachers to have fun and learn together!   

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So far this year we have had three rounds of SPARC. Each round teachers pick a different passion they would like to teach to students. For my own SPARC groups, we have done sewing, Pinterest projects, and volleyball. While all of my groups have been great, my volleyball SPARC has been my favorite. Through a partnership with Kirkwood and the Mt. Mercy men’s volleyball league, we were able to bring in prominent volleyball coaches to help teach students the basics of volleyball. We even had a day where Mt. Mercy men’s players came in to help out. Students worked on passing, setting, spiking (their favorite skill), serving, and floor positions. It was so awesome to watch students who have never picked up a volleyball before develop skills. We definitely have some future volleyball players on our hands here at Grant!  

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A special thank you to Kirkwood and the Mt. Mercy men’s league for helping make this SPARC one to remember. We would not have been able to do it without their resources, time, and passion for the game! Now it’s time to get ready for the next round of SPARC: Crafts with Miss Katelyn!