The Legacy of MLK


We created Kids on Course with the charge to provide students with opportunities and dreams they might not have access to otherwise. Seven years later, we are humbled by seeing those dreams come to fruition. Our students are not just the next generation of dreamers, but are scholars and athletes, creators and leaders.

Martin Luther King Junior Day honors a man who relentlessly fought to uphold values of justice, courage, compassion and service. His legacy of bravery and resilience is one we see in each of our students. While Kids on Course originated to plant dreams in our students, time and time again, it is our students who inspire and ignite the dream in us.

We take this year’s MLK holiday as a day to honor our students who have taken this journey with us and overcome obstacles to excel academically and personally. It is their tenacity that drives us to continue creating avenues to help them achieve and believe that a bright future is attainable. Our hope is to continue in the footsteps of MLK, walking alongside each of our students and helping them overcome barriers to achieving their dreams.

“We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall march ahead.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.