Three years ago, we were staring at a blank canvas with the daunting task of creating something amazing, something to change the trajectories of elementary school kids at two schools in Cedar Rapids, something that would instill in them a dream that defied doubt, history, and poverty. While the journey is still long and not near complete, we are here today with joy in our hearts, successes to share, and 244 kids (and counting…) we see as the next generation of dreamers, doers and scholars.m

So it’s only fitting that we take a moment on February 14th, a day to celebrate love, that we turn the tables and write a love note to you – the ones who have rallied around us, believed in us, and have transformed a blank canvas into a work of art, painted and etched by a community dedicated to changing the world.

To our principals – you are brilliance, love, and strength wrapped into one. Thank you for your dedication to kids, to us, to this community. Thank you for finding time, space, and flexibility to listen, dream with us, and share your expertise as we take this journey together.

To our school staff – we are amazed every day we see your unending patience and care for these kids. Thank you for putting in extra hours to help, welcoming us into your community, and partnering with us to further support student learning and achievement.

To our enrichment teachers – thank you for extending your work day to teach our kids new skills and open their eyes to future opportunities in middle school, high school, college, and beyond. Thank you for your patience and willingness to transform your expertise into something tangible and successful for kids.

To our volunteers – for the hours you have given above and beyond the call of duty, thank you. Thank you for loving our kids so much that you have been willing to set aside your mornings, weekends, and evenings to serve food, set up tables, read with students, and every little thing in between. We are indebted to your serving spirits and desire to help.

To our boards – thank you for your support in every way. Thank you for your input, belief, encouragement, advocacy, and guidance.

To the parents of our students – we couldn’t be here today without your support and love for us and for your children. Thank you for entrusting us with your dreams and stories. Thank you for being your children’s teachers and our teachers. Thank you for helping us at events, laughing with us, and letting us into your homes and families.

To our students – thank you for the notes, bracelets, high-fives in the hallway and filling our days with stories and pictures. Thank you for your excitement to learn new things and sharing your dreams with us.

Thank you for partnering with us to move forward and continue growing. It is our hope that Kids on Course is not just ours, but a dream and vision shared by a community of people dedicated to seeing kids succeed, no matter what.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Kids on Course