Enrichment Season at Harrison


Here we are again.

The sun is beginning to set early, but the faces of the kids in Harrison seem to be brighter than ever. That is because our Fall Enrichment Session is here! With over 20 separate enrichments going on this Fall, kids have a good reason to be excited. Students signed up for Kids on Course are eligible to participate in completely free courses they are passionate about, like dance, ceramics, soccer, and garden club.

While the kids are busy bouncing out of their seat to run to the KOC room to let us know what class they are going to be in, my co-worker Luke and I have been hard at work preparing Harrison for the crazy that is soon to be 170 students staying after school to follow their passions! For the first time ever, Kids on Course at Harrison has partnered with the brand new NW Rec Center right outside Harrison’s historic doors. This partnership allows us to more effectively match our students’ passions with the experts who can teach them all the tricks of the trade.

The NW Rec Center offers anything and everything from co-ed basketball and swim lessons, to guitar lessons and trips to Usher’s Ferry. Best of all is the Rec Center classes run in conjunction with the enrichments KOC already offers! This gives students access to more than double the amount of activities that they were able to choose from last year. Go Team!

I am so happy and excited to be a part of this connection with the wonderful folks at the new rec center. So excited in fact, that the students are telling me that I need to get out of their classroom and get back to work…

Back at my desk though, I can’t help but smile thinking that one of these days the kids who are working on making their first ceramic pot, or struggling to make a free throw, will be starting their own art studio or playing college basketball. I have been so blessed to find myself in a position that allows me to connect our kiddos to something that could potentially change their future. So here is to all of our future chefs, soccer stars, dancers, and gardeners. The world is yours to shape in your own way.

– Tyler Zaruba, Harrison Site Manager