Follow the Road Signs


Kids On Course as a program has made tremendous progress the past few months, as has my position as a Kids On Course AmeriCorps member. My students in PREP 1, a reading/literacy proficiency program, have made notable progress. Each day they are getting closer and closer to their reading proficiency goal! Along with my tutoring sessions, I am also working on a “Road to College” presentation for my students. I am stressing the road aspect in this presentation. Our work stresses that journey to college, and with that journey comes some important rest stops (elementary, middle school, high school, etc.). Like any road trip, if you take a wrong turn you may not know where you’ll end up. However, if you do get off track, there are other roads you can take to get back on track. Some of these “side roads” are things like tutoring, making up lost work, and staying connected within one’s classroom. All of these side roads require hard work and perseverance. Fortunately, KOC offers opportunities and “road signs” to get back on the right track, such as tutoring. I am so thrilled to be able to work one on one with students and also have the ability to help out in the classrooms.

Aside from my work with students during the school day, I will continue to lead a second session of dance classes. This past semester I focused on Hip-Hop, while this upcoming session I hope to incorporate some more modern dances (along with hip-hop, since that’s what kids seem to be interested in these days).

I have had such a great time working with these kids and a wonderful, supportive staff. I look forward to our next half of the school year, plus planning for summer events and programs!