It’s in the Little Things


Usually when I am asked what Kids on Course does, I shoot out a broad answer that sounds something like “We work with kids and families to help support them in being successful in their dreams.” Although true, it’s a very broad definition of all the things we do each day.

Every day we do a lot. We plan and implement events and provide after school enrichment. We connect with families and do home visits but even these don’t spell out the real work we do. So what do we do, that really makes a difference? What do we do that changes lives and leaves an impact?

It’s in the little things.

The real things we do all start with the relationships that are built from the activities above. It’s the texts to parents checking on their week, its lunch with kids who eat alone and it’s the smiles and hugs we give each day. It’s keeping a positive attitude at school when it’s a rough day, encouraging teachers when their class seems impossible. And most of all it’s being there, with a smile and the time to listen to our children and those connected to our children who need support.  We are cheerleaders.

So if you need someone to talk to, or have questions about your student you know who to call. We don’t always have a solution, but we will endlessly look for one. We don’t always know the answer, but we will find someone who does. We will fight for your student’s success right alongside you. These are the “small things” that are not documented in statistics or written in a daily report. They are the things that go unnoticed and get lost in the rush. But they are the things that matter and these are the things we do that make a difference.