It is truly amazing when I take a step back and think about how much I have learned from my time working kids; everything from “serious” topics such as conflict resolution, to the not-so-serious 150 different rules involved in playing four square at recess.

From kids’ wildly imaginative tales of what would happen if zombies appeared at school, to their inquisitive questions about how chickens lay their eggs, I find myself consistently impressed with the creativity and youthful perspective on life I see from them each and every day.

Throughout this past school year and this summer I’ve witnessed kids endure harsh realities of the world, make a new best friend within 5 minutes of meeting each other, and laugh hysterically one minute until the next minute when they are crying uncontrollably. But their spirit never falters.

The optimism and endless joy that radiates from these kids is hard to explain. Seeing their eyes light up and their jaws drop when they walked through our Science Extravaganza or shot off rockets they built or discuss weather with Joe Winters from KCRG has been more gratifying to me than when the Packers win on Sundays (which is saying something!).

This is why I love working with kids, why I love what I do, and why I’m excited about the future.

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