Kids on Course Classic

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In October, the Zach Johnson Foundation hosted its 4th Annual Kids on Course Classic, a best shot tournament that raises money for the Kids on Course College Scholarship Fund. This event is much smaller than the summer’s Zach Johnson Foundation Classic, but just as important. This year, we had 21 foursomes and 18 flag sponsors. We netted more than $17,000 and exceeded our revenue from last year.

This event brings awareness to the future of our Kids on Course program. In five short years since the inception of Kids on Course, the program has grown from serving 50 students our first year to more than 800 students last school year and the number will keep on growing. In five short years, the second graders we met for the first time are now blossoming tweens in middle school. In five more (short) years, this inaugural class will be juniors in high school and will be contemplating what future lies ahead of them. That’s where the Kids on Course College Scholarship Fund steps in.

The Kids on Course Classic raises money to provide college scholarships to our students that will help them pay for the great expense of post-secondary education. Even though our first class of students will not enter college until the fall of 2022, we are working hard to ensure that every single Kids on Course student has the opportunity to make their future a great one.

So thank you to all who participated in this year’s Kids on Course Classic. You’re helping pave the way for tomorrow’s future leaders!

-Tracey Myers, Zach Johnson Foundation Administrator

(Photo credit: Joe Photo)