Kids on Course University

Summer is a time when people, especially students, want to get out and have fun.  For students with Kids on Course, they not only get to have fun, but learn as well!  Last year, students gained academic skills from our four week summer day camp, so we are eager to see the results from attending camp for six weeks this summer! We are just finishing our third week of Kids on Course University (this year’s name for summer day camp).  I have already seen many of the students excited to come back day after day.  At the end of each day, I try to ask my group of students what their favorite part of the day was.  At first, I was hearing a lot of “EVERYTHING!” and “outside time.”  But now it is becoming reading, math, or writing. I still get the occasional, “EVERYTHING!” but now they are excited about learning!  These teachers make me want to be a student again. We get to write about superheroes, play math games, and go on scavenger-hunts through books!  Not to mention playing games, making capes, and meeting Zach Johnson!  Each day is something new and each day is something that these students will take with them. I know that these six weeks are helping each of these students more than they realize. They are a part of something amazing. I wish that I had something like this when I was growing up. I had to spend many summers in summer school. My mom told me that if I took the academic class I needed to take,  I could take a fun class (usually something involving ceramics or something else arts-related). I would have loved the infusion of arts and academics that Kids on Course University is offering for our students. Beyond learning reading, writing, and math skills; students are learning how to play, and have fun with education. They are developing a positive attitude towards learning and school, and holding onto the academic skills that many lose over the summer.