Leaders Start as Readers

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“Begin to read a book that will help you move toward your dream.” -Les Brown

There are few things in this world that rival a novel’s ability to evoke such powerful emotions, thoughts, and questions into its reader’s mind. When we decide to pick up that forgotten book which keeps collecting dust on our coffee table, we do so for different reasons. I turn to my favorite author’s work for inspiration, for humor, and for adventure.

Whether you consider yourself a bookworm or someone who simply enjoys the comic section of the newspaper, we can all appreciate the unique magic our written language brings to this world. Growing up, my love of reading was sparked while listening to my teachers encourage us to dive deeper into the stories than just the text on the page. In high school, I remember being infatuated with the heroic & tragic stories of Moby Dick, the horror of Edgar Allen Poe works, and the seemingly endless set of characters from the Canterbury Tales.

Our efforts combined with those of teachers, school support staff, and administrators are aiming for young students to find the power of reading.

It never ceases to put a smile on my face when a student eagerly bounces into our classroom looking for the next book in the series they just started, or when our reading club kids are so engrossed in the interactive iPad stories you could hear a pin drop. These are the small stories that show me our students are headed down the right path, hungry for knowledge, with a favorite book in their hands.