MAY the Force Be With You

May at the five Kids on Course schools means Learning Lab has ended, and students and staff begin daydreaming about summer and all the wonderful Kids on Course University/Scholar Camp activities that are to come. At Van Buren, May also means Star Wars Day, which falls on the fourth every year.

Star Wars and KOC may not seem to be connected, but to the careful observer (or increasingly desperate blog writer) their core DNA is actually very similar. At the heart of the Star Wars franchise is the idea that just the smallest spark of hope can light the fire of change in the world. KOC’s credo of providing equal access to opportunity speaks the same message.

When kids (and rebellions) are given hope, they have the idea that all things are possible. KOC takes kids on college visits multiple times a year so that they can see themselves on a college campus. KOC has a scholarship fund to help students pay to play sports outside of school. This seemingly small gesture could help to produce the next MLS star. Our tutors spend countless hours coming up with new and interesting ways to help our students engage with learning and bridge the achievement gap.

Whether it’s Han Solo returning to help destroy the Death Star, or a KOC tutor finally creating the right activity to help a third grader get the hang of multiplication, the creation and cultivation of hope is an important thing. That third grader who just figured out multiplication now has the hope that math isn’t as scary as they thought it was, and that can lead to a snowball effect of positive things in their academic life. The newly emboldened Rebel Alliance knows that the Empire can be beaten, and peace can once again exist in the Galaxy; maybe with the help of a current third grader who has a newfound love of math…

May the force be with you.

-Jerry Logan, Van Buren Site Coordinator