The fall chill is definitely here at Grant School, and so is Halloween. But you won’t see any costumes in the halls today.

As a school that values student health and equality, Grant has chosen to celebrate Oct. 31st in a different way, one that doesn’t promote the consumption of large quantities of candy. Students can save that for home. Bah humbug! Does that make us a school that doesn’t value fun? Of course not.


Instead of Halloween, today is College Colors Day at Grant. Part of the school culture here is to set high expectations for students by making going to college a theme in the halls and in the classrooms. College Colors Day is a way for to students to celebrate and dress up that encourages a healthy and fun learning environment. Each classroom or office has its own college to represent. KOC’s choice was Duke University, and the Grant KOC staff is all in for Duke! We’re sporting the blue and white of the Blue Devils with pride.

As Grant Site Manager David explains, “Kids on Course wants to make sure that we have the highest expectations for these students, one of which is that they will go to college and graduate, regardless of expectations outside of school.” Maybe the colors we wear today will inspire one of our students to attend Duke in the future. Who knows the places they’ll go?

(Just don’t tell anyone that I’m secretly rooting for my alma mater, Coe.)

Lynnette Volden is the newest member of the KOC team at Grant. She is originally from Minnesota and graduated from Coe College right here in Cedar Rapids. She is excited to see where the year will take her and the KOC students!