Shining Light

The air, the breeze and laughter in the air – everything about today marks a traditional autumn day. Rewind eight months ago in the middle of winter and I was visiting Grant Elementary School for the first time to meet my Kids on Course Page Pal student. A spunky and spirited Kindergarten student. She loved to read, “I Don’t Want to Be a Frog” by Dev Petty. She was excited to see me every week, share updates on her siblings and tell me about her cat’s new tricks. Over the course of four months we read the frog book two dozen times, practiced sight words and played letter games. We learned about each other’s families, favorite foods and birthdays.


The best part of my Page Pal experience was my student’s smile. She was a shining light every Monday and the best part of all – she inspired me to change career paths. Previously, I worked in an office, at a great company, surrounded by wonderful team members. I found a new calling to impact students, particularly those who need additional mentors, enrichments, reading support and an additional friendly face in their everyday.

I now have the privilege to be the shining light to our students at Harrison Elementary. It is a rewarding experience to see their enthusiasm reflecting back to myself and the Kids on Course team during Learning Lab, in the cafeteria, gym, hallways, library and of course – the playground!

To my original Page Pal – thank you for shining your light into my life!

– Sarah Watson, Harrison Site Manager