Surviving 6th Grade


I have survived 6th grade for the 2nd time in my life, and I think coming back as an adult required just as big of a learning curve as being a student. Right along with my students I had to conquer how to open the tricky Wilson Middle School Lockers, learn the location of all the important places in the building, and build relationships with the new adults that surrounded me. And I can say that although there were some bumps, and some drama (we are in a middle school) we all survived.

We all learned a lot this year too. Other than the initial learning curve about how to handle ourselves in middle school, we grew in math and reading, social studies, science and of course relationships. Middle School relationships are unique but also fun and keep me constantly on my toes. A group of boys explained it to me a few weeks ago when I asked them why they were all being weird and one of them proudly explained “It’s our hormones, we can’t help it because we are going through puberty” I couldn’t help but laugh, and agree that he was probably right.

I have learned and been reminded of so many things this year. My students have reminded of the pains of growing out of a friendship that just doesn’t fit quite right anymore. I have worked beside kids whose best never felt quite good enough, and the frustration that comes with feeling not understood by the adults or peers around you and I have given kids hugs who needed them on their good or bad days. We have laughed and there have even been some tears, but through the community my Scholars have built in the past year we all know we will work through it together. And that makes coming back for 7th grade not only bearable, but possibly even a little bit exciting.

– Jaimen Pangborn, Wilson Middle School Site Manager