The Birds & The Pigs

IMG_0310image1 (2)

Surface Pro’s, enthusiastic young minds, & Angry Birds.  Top that off with a field trip to a brand new, hi-tech building in CR on a Wednesday, and as you can imagine we didn’t hear too much complaining from our students.

With the gracious help of Geonetric and Iowa Startup Accelerator, a select group of students from all three Kids on Course schools had the opportunity to participate in a global movement called the Hour of Code.

As a part of Computer Science Education Week, students of all ages around the world began their quest to catch those elusive Pigs.  Their critical thinking & problem solving skills firing on all cylinders, students traveled from level to level using the Angry Birds platform while exploring the basics of computer programming.

I personally had the pleasure of taking thirty 4th & 5th graders from Grant Elementary to this unique experience, and the expressions I saw on their faces as soon as they walked through Geonetric’s door spoke volumes.  As they whipped through the Hour of Code in what must have been record time, I was most impressed by the sight of engaged & motivated students in a tech rich environment, surrounded by adults who facilitated teamwork & conversation.

Keep an eye out for more collaboration between IowaBIG, Geonetric, the Cedar Rapids Community School District, Kids on Course, and numerous other community partners in the future, as we help pave the way for growth, innovation, and achievement.