The Day and the Life of a Middle School Manager

Cast of Characters:

Mr. Josh: Kids on Course Site Manager at Wilson Middle School.

Martin: A male student in the 7th grade.

Ashley: A female student in the 7th grade.

Sophia: A female student in the 7th grade.

Student Leader: A student with a group of students that follow.

Chris: 6th grade student.



Various times throughout the school day at Wilson Middle School.


The present.


Act I, Scene I:


Setting:            It was a cold winter’s day and all through the school are children laughing and screaming, adults hustling and bustling and the occasional dog lying about wanting nothing but to stretch and fetch. Then, all of a sudden, the fire alarm goes off and the springs in our boots bounce us into action. The wind blowing harsh enough to make us shiver and quiver our whole bodies over. Kids confused, adults disappointed because we know why the alarm was set off. One bad decision. Just a normal day, unexpectedly normal.


At Rise:            Mr. Josh is starting his day. He pulls up and parks his car in front to the building and sees the students and staff outside. When it’s time to go back inside he takes off his jacket and whips it around his chair and throws his bookbag on the floor next to his desk. Hits the power button to his two laptops and in comes students needed space to work and talk.


Mr. Josh: (Sniffles nose) Kids, I know that it’s still early in the day but now that we are back inside, we need to get to work. What are you working on?


Martin: Math. I have to finish this worksheet.


Ashley: I’m working on my social studies packet


Mr. Josh: Great! Let’s have at it then. Whatever you don’t finish is homework. Take it home and actually work on it. I’ll be checking in with your teachers to see if it’s finished.


Martin and Ashley: Yeah, yeah, I know.


Sophia: Hey I finished all my work in class can I come in here and hangout.


Mr. Josh: Did you get permission from your teacher?


Sophia: Yep.


Mr. Josh: Then yes that fine. I have students in here working so you need to respect that they need quiet time to work.


(Bells ring)


End Scene.


Act I, Scene II:


Setting:            Bells ring and the kid’s wings take flight out the door. Lunch. Kids bursting throughout the halls screaming and yelling. Their favorite part of the day. 1,2,3,4 kids… feels like 20. It’s actually 25. 25 Kids eating in the Kids on Course room. Hardly enough chairs. It’s crowded. Chess games going on. Kids arguing about the rules of UNO. Does anybody really know the actual rules? Kids spilling ‘tea’.


At Rise:            Mr. Josh builds relationships with his students during lunch.


Mr. Josh: Remember when you’re done eating, you’ll stack your trays and two of you will volunteer to take the trays down to the lunch room.


Student Leader: (Speaking loud enough to quiet the room) Mr. Josh we need to talk we have tea.


Mr. Josh: I’m all ears! What problem are you having today?


Student Leader: (Students following with a snickering smile on their faces) Ok, so this boy said that he like me today and they all heard, and I just rolled my eyes because I though this was over. I told him I wasn’t interested. Why is this happening to me?


Mr. Josh: You’re free to feel how you feel but next time try not to roll your eyes and let him down softly. It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out and it would have been nice for you to recognize that.


Students Leader: Yeah but I don’t like him, and he know that why would he ask me out. Ugh that was just dumb.


Mr. Josh: You don’t have to like him just try and respect his feelings. You don’t have to feel the same way and feel free to share your point of view.


Student Leader: Ok.


(Bells ring)


End Scene.


Act I, Scene III:


Setting:            Kids are in and out of the Kids on Course room all afternoon working on classwork. Asking for help. Needing redirection to stay on task. Praising for getting their work done. The last bell rings and the kids sing. The end of the school day signifies an extension of learning and challenges for the students. Chess Club and After school tutoring begins.


At Rise:            Students from all grades partake in Chess Club and tutoring. Mostly 6th grade with some 7th and 8th sprinkled in. Making critical thinking something the kids seek and making learning as fun as possible. Growth.


Mr. Josh: (Gives instructions) Head inside the room and take a seat. Your day is going to look like this. First, snack will be ready in a moment. Then we’ll go outside for ‘brain break’ and give that head of yours a time out. Once ‘brain break’ is over, the chess club players will come back into my room and set up a board and start playing. Remember chess is a thinking game and silence and patience is encouraged. Slow your mind down. Like chess, life is much the same. For those that are in tutoring you will head to your classroom and you’re teacher will be waiting for you.


30 min pass


Mr. Josh: Let’s go kids! It’s time to head back inside! Grab the balls! Thank you!


10 min pass


Chris: I left my coat outside can I go back out and grab it?


Mr. Josh: No, I’ll go get it. I want you in class learning.


1 hour 30 minutes pass


Students are dismissed from Chess Club and Learning Lab. Chaos consumes the Kids on Course room with kids grabbing their bags and projects they were working on. Chess Club students picking up chess boards and chess pieces and helping tidy the room. Buses arrive at 5:00 pm. Time to get the kids calm before the we hop on the bus. It’s been a long day for them. Repeat.