Welcome 2014


For me, the holiday season is a time of personal reflection, of time spent with family, and of gratitude. I spent some time setting goals for myself (like running 4 half-marathon’s & eating more avocado’s in 2014), and then quickly found my thoughts drawn to this past year with KOC and where we are headed.

I like to describe this organization as one that strives to continually improve. We are never satisfied with the status quo, and always look to the future with ambition, drive, and committment. It is with these qualities that we provide our programming, our support of families and of the school. Seeing the students develop, mature, and grow into continual learners makes our work worth it. All of the tough conversations, all of the hours in conference rooms & classrooms, all of my illegible scribbled notes in cursive.

We hope to create an environment where our students and families realize the world is full of special opportunities just waiting to be taken. Each day/month/year that these students grow will take them one step closer to finding their passion and using that passion to chase their dreams.

The year 2014 brings with it a host of new and exciting opportunities for Kids on Course students and families. I’m tremendously proud of the work we’ve accomplished in the past couple years, but I know in my heart it is nothing compared to what lies before us in this year and beyond. So here’s to a year full of wonder. Here’s to 2014.