Welcome Luke!

luke - blog photo

Luke is going to be the Site Coordinator at Harrison Elementary. Luke has worked at Grant Wood Elementary as an AmeriCorps. He has a kind heart and we are so excited he is joining our team. Find out more about Luke:

Hometown – Oak Park, Illinois and Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Education – Iowa State University- Political Science and Philosophy
Favorite food – Thai or Barbecue food
Hobbies – Watching sports, hanging out with friends and family, reading
Why are you excited to work at Kids on Course? – I think it’s really easy to be excited where the people involved (families, kids, staff) are all so excited and show up to things in such large numbers and with such positive attitudes. It’s really easy to get excited about helping to prepare kids to be successful in life, it’s an easy thing to sell and it’s importance is a no-brainer.
What’s your dream for Kids on Course students? – I tell all the kids I work with in some capacity that I want them to grow into their absolute best adult selves. Meaning being academically successful, socially developed, well adjusted people and most importantly happy. Happiness is key.